About us

Since at least the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary step-by-step measures to ease restrictions on public and economic life are putting more focus than ever on the issue of hygiene.

The "world after Corona" will be a different one, in which above all priorities must be redefined in terms of cleanliness and tidiness.

For decades, low-wavelength UV radiation (UV-C radiation) has been used for disinfection in selected areas, such as the treatment of drinking water, in the food processing industry or for the disinfection of operating rooms and patient areas in hospitals.


We are a team of experts from a wide range of disciplines in electronics engineering, electronics and product design, media integration, project management in a global network.

Our range of experience and our network are an integrative component for the solution of new tasks and challenges. We have faced these new tasks and, with the UVCclean brand and the new product portfolio, have brought a reliable and high-quality supplier of UVC disinfection systems for everyday use to the market in a very short time.

Special solutions tailored to new business areas are an important and large part of our portfolio. If the solution you are looking for does not yet exist, we take care that it will not be for long. Please contact us here: hello@uvcclean.de


We know how complex today's processes are in our everyday life and how difficult it is to implement the situational restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic always and at any time. We are part of the big puzzle to be solved with the solutions from our product portfolio. How can we all cope with the pandemic without further restrictions - or how can we improve the current restrictions for everyone and return to normality? We support with our products and services to safely and quickly return to a life without major restrictions.

By conviction and our own standards we are always looking for the best solution. For this purpose we produce high-quality, innovative products - made in Germany - with companies in our region in Baden Württemberg.

Management / Sales / Projects

Georg Rössler
+49 (0)7021 · 95330-10


Head of Technology

Hartmut Weinreich
+49 (0)7021 · 95330-60


Technology and Support

Andreas Keinath
+49 (0)7021 · 95330-31



Daniel Schumann
+49 (0)157 · 86869905


Backoffice / Import / Export

Ramona Bauer
+49 (0)7021 · 95330-23


Accounting & Finance

Nadine Langheinz
+49 (0)7021 · 95330-11


Distribution Germany

Region of Sachsen and Thüringen

Hygiene Rakus GmbH


Ronny Rakus
+49 (152) 0147 22 00


Distribution Spain

Exitoso Juntos S.L.U.

Carrer Cristofor Colom 63

07670 Portocolom / Mallorca / Spain

Daniela Grünwald
+49 (0)151 588 18 089 / +34 648 909803


Distribution France/Benelux

Stephan Rosseneu
+33 633 577 866


Distribution U.K./Ireland

Envisage Brands Ltd

Building 3, Chiswick Park

566 Chiswick High Rd

Chiswick, London W4 5YA, U.K.

Kevin Lawrence
+44 (0)7710 611465

Ian Byland
+44 (0)7930 179943




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